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Our "Simple yet Elegant" website deal is ideal for startup or clients with a low-budget. A simple yet elegant and informative website is all you need to put yourself out there for your clients attraction.

What's included?

You will get a professional one page website with everything to promote your company and business.
*Does not include domain name and hosting.

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Get more work done, faster...

Emails, online storage, collaborative document editing and sharing plus much more...

What's included?

Professional email addresses, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Plus create, edit and share files on the go from your phone, laptop or tablet.

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Setting up a new Business?

We have years of experience with companies who have started from scratch, most times pretty lost. Our "Start Up Package" is tailored for exactly what you need. Hover / tap to see what's included.

What's included?

Brand new logo, professional website, 100 business cards and 100 letterheads and network setup (computers, printers and server if required). Starting from ONLY £150 per month!

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Our Difference

We Foster Your Needs

We thrive on ensuring our clients have their expectations met at 110% or more! We can cover your business needs; from consultation services to providing you with a full business setup including professional branding and website.

We Pursue Your Dreams

Everyone starts from somewhere; Alan Sugar had dreams and started of from market stools at the Dalston Market and Steve Jobs from a garage. We all have dreams, hopes, ventures that we want to nose dive into. We will pursue your dreams and make them come to life.

We Practice Honesty

At Hyphen Solutions, we believe in full honesty and have made it our number one priority since honesty is the best policy. Complications always occur, no matter what project a company takes on board there will always be complications; we make sure that you are fully aware of everything.

We Create Your Ideas

Your idea is what gives you the kick to start something new, something exciting, something rewarding! Our advice is to ensure write down everything that comes to your mind either on your phone or a notebook. Have passion behind your ideas. Then we can create you exactly what you need.

We Drank
Cups of Coffee

We've had
All Nighters

We had
Happy clients

The Year
Is going to ROCK!

A few words from a few clients…

  • quotation-marks-whiteHyphen Solutions have made my life so much easier. We used Hyphen for IT consultation, training and repairs. never have I seen such friendliness yet professionalism be so equal. 

    – Canan Maxton, Talent Unlimited

  • quotation-marks-whiteWe came across Hyphen Solutions via word of mouth. They moved our computers, printers and server and set them up in our new office. Very clean, efficient, professional and super friendly!

    – Andrew Ali, Champion Hire Ltd

  • quotation-marks-whiteWe needed a website pretty urgently, and luckily Mehmet wasn’t too busy when we approached him. Not only did he build up our website within a matter of two weeks. Mehmet’s has a friendly yet professional approach…

    – Ozgur Yagli, Willow Auto’s Ltd

  • quotation-marks-whiteGreat helps as always. Great Ideas and very polite… Full of ideas which is always helpful in this trade.

    – Fuat Isa, Ayshen Travel

Short Team intro



The hands on guy

Mehmet is the man behind Hyphen Solutions. All your services are planned, installed and tested with this guy.



the advice lady

Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. This is her, the advice is incomparable!



The Boss

Every successful business has a strong boss. Meet Boz! The company wouldn’t be where it is without him…